doc it yourself

The aim of doc’it yourself is to produce independent documentaries and create a community of filmmakers around the world.

Doc’it yourself wants to connect different international filmmakers and to build a network so they can collaborate on projects. We live in a world of competition, so let’s find an alternative and work together. Let’s do documentaries in a different way. Let’s make our own documentaries. Let’s share our skills and experiences. Let’s « doc’it yourself » !



We’re looking for directors, producers, distributors, marketing strategists and also Facebook geeks who love independent films. If you also want to learn about filmmaking you can join me in my travels, I will teach you everything to know, from pre-production to post-production, in exchange for your time and commitment. (I will be in Europe from April to December 2017)

We also started a collaborative youtube channel in  2016 and we want you to join this crazy adventure. What you have to do? Put a camera on your head and show us how you work from your perspective. Check out our videos on youtube to get an idea. For now, I’ve made most of videos myself but I want filmmakers from around the world to join me in this project. We can join forces to create a more powerful and diverse experience for our viewers

We need more filmmakers to succeed. So get in touch!

If you want to join the team or if you have any questions, just contact us at

Photos and logo by Florencia Muriel. Click here to see more of her amazing work!